Introducing One World Football Marathon 2020

As part of the One World Marathon (OWM), we are excited to partner with local organizations in cities, towns, and villages in many countries around the globe!

The plan is to have at least 2 teams of any size in a city, town or village play 2 matches together – 1 of the teams will be called Team One and the other team will be called Team A. These teams will play two matches together in each location by November 1st 2020. The local organisers should ensure that teams that are physically playing each other are similar in age and ability.

The teams will then locate a partner city, town or village through their local OWM leader. Teams One and A will play each other two times in their home location. At the completion of the second match, Team One in each partner location will add their total goals together – Team A in each location will total their goals as well. Whichever team has the most combined goals will “win” that “world cup” challenge. The local organizer should ensure that teams that are playing each other are similar in age and ability.

The teams can add special names to their A and One – the idea is to keep this event simple and to have fun with it. The intent of the OWM is to bring to people together from different countries while working toward a common goal. Please post your pictures, videos, scores, etc., to our social media sites below, and use the #OWM2020 and #StrongerTogether.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions – we are here to help!