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What is the One World Marathon?

The One World Marathon is a movement (running, walking, rolling, etc.) and team building event created and implemented by the One World Strong Foundation that exemplifies and promotes the core principles of unity, peace, collaboration and connection through running and other healthy physical activities.

The implementation of a strong, unified virtual platform that supports the message of connectivity and openness contradicts the basic premises of bigotry and separatism; providing a rigorous counter narrative to those produced by violent extremism and terrorist rhetoric.

By providing an opportunity for youth and adults from around the world to participate together in a virtual marathon (combining their miles/steps toward a team goal of 26.2 miles), we foster the development of a global citizen mindset. Participation and the resulting experiences and stories build awareness and generate support for those that struggle with both the physical and psychological challenges related to trauma. Our participants begin to learn that when a diverse global community of caring people work together toward a common goal, they can change the world.

Who can participate?

The One World Marathon is designed for school age children, teens, young adults into their early 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond – we’ll have participants in their 90’s. It is ideal for schools, YMCA’s, sports clubs, community organizations, businesses and other civic minded organizations. An adult “Team Captain” is responsible for registering each group. Each team will be encouraged to partner with at least one team from a different country to connect people from around the world.

Teams may contain any number and age of participants. A central objective of the event is to connect people across borders and diverse backgrounds, therefore we encourage teams that represent multiple continents, countries and cultures. For example, schools and individuals in any country can pair with peers in the Middle East, North America, Africa, Europe, Australia, or Asia. Using existing social media and communication channels on the One World Strong website, teams can organize, communicate and track the contributions of their members throughout training and during the marathon weekend. Shared experiences and stories will further endorse the marathon’s message of cross-cultural collaboration, interpersonal connection and teamwork.

-187 days until the event date announcement

How will teams from around the world communicate?

By joining, you will become part of an international community and a force for goodwill. One World Strong will provide a dedicated video conference channel to facilitate partner team communication. Partner teams are encouraged to interact and share preparations, training and to learn about each other in the spirit of cross-cultural immersion.

When is it happening?

The One World Virtual Marathon will start in Autumn 2020 with precise dates to be confirmed shortly.

Kick-off Zoom calls will take place involving team coaches from around the globe and setting the stage for the April event.

Registration will begin in 2020 by logging onto the website ( to learn more about the event.

Participants will share stories and experiences via social media, helping to build relationships and bridges of understanding. Hashtag: #OWM2020 Tagline: One World, One Future Together, Never Give Up

Who is the One World Foundation?

The One World Strong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity, founded by survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, which endeavors to create a thriving global community of survivors of terrorist, extremist, and mass casualty attacks in nations around the world. The Foundation embodies the core principles of unity, connection, and cooperation as the pathway to a more harmonious future. By fostering resiliency and a counter narrative through shared stories, One World Strong supports the core belief that people of all nations should work together peacefully toward common goals.

One world partners

A massive thanks goes out to all our partners that are contributing to the cause

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